Here at Celebrity Signings (UK) we are a fan orientated and fan run autograph collectible group. We run private signings with iconic characters from some of the biggest and best films & TV ever made - Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Doctor who. We have so much more lined up for the future too. We also can offer genuine hand signed memorabilia of celebrities, sports & music stars , signed pops and even the odd historical signed item. We offer consignments on most major U.K. events (when they run) and will be offering them on street collecting too - eg for premieres, theatres and public events appearances. We will be regularly running a variety of competitions and can even send items from signings to Beckett or ACOA on your behalf to be authenticated. We have also social media platforms and are expanding day by day. Come and join us on our journey! Find out about the world of street graphing and collecting in London with our new blog and grab yourself a bargain in one of our regular sales of maybe find a hidden gem.
We look forward to seeing you all online

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